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Classical interior decoration is still a trend and a trend in the world, the flowery and romantic style of the room decoration from France, Spain, Germany has always made architects fascinated

Cozy and representative are those who first feel when watching Lan's three-story villa. With an area of over 200m², this is the ideal living space of three generations with grandparents, parents and three children.

The villa is designed in a modern style combined with impressive furniture create a unique combination for the familiar space, this villa is full of functional space for a The family is crowded but still ensures privacy for each individual. And above all, the interior design in this villa is by her own Lan Lan ideas and decorations.

The villa looks like many other villas in the urban area of Ha Dong, but inside it is the modern and comfortable space that the host family has set up.

The living room is tidy with soft pillows contrasting to the sofa set. Small tea table combined with the color of the interior creates a stylish design for the room escape.

Living room is not too wide, but thanks to the skillful selection of furniture and use the large glass door frame to open the garden has made the space becomes more spacious. The wall is decorated with soft lines that create comfort and appeal to the room.

Living room space is a combination of modern interior design with attractive lines, soft. Whereas the sofa and piano with black tones contrast with the color of the walls and other interiors that give the living room a special appeal in the whole of the room. The size of the living room is not large so the furniture is selected with the minimum size to make the room feel comfortable, relaxing.

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